Mall Management Office

Central Mall’s Management Office is located in the South Hallway near the Recruiting Offices. Friendly, professional personnel provide our customers with assistance and services to make shopping visits easy and enjoyable. At the Mall Management Office you will find the following services: lost & found, fax machine services, copying services, tourism information and maps. The Mall Management Office is open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

GPS Coordinates

Stroller Rentals are located in the South Hallway near the Play Area. Rentals are $5.00 each and $0.50 will be refunded upon return. Major credit cards are accepted. For more information, please call SmarteCarte, Inc. at (800)328-9006.

Wheelchair loans are available from the Mall Security Department. Please call (580)248-7338 during mall hours. Valid ID required.

Employment Opportunities
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Handicapped Parking
Handicapped Parking is available at all Mall and Department Store entrances.

ATMS are available near Great American Cookie Company in the Dillard’s Courtyard and near Lady Foot Locker in the East Hallway.

Restroom Facilities
Located in the South Hallway near the Management Office.

Security Escort Services
The Central Mall Security Staff offers escort service to vehicles for tenant employees and customers. To request this service, call Mall Security at (580)248-7338. If you have any questions, please contact the Mall Operations Manager at (580)248-1742.

Lost and Found
Click here to fill out the lost and found submission form.

Code of Conduct
Click here to view the behavioral code of conduct for Central Mall Lawton.